Mental Wellness: Micronutrients & the Gut-Brain Connection

DISCUSSING: How To Leverage The Latest Research To Improve Mental Health Outcomes In Clients


Dolores Baretta
Acupuncturist & Digestive Health Specialist, Zug, Switzerland



Nadia Tarazi
Executive Coach & Founder, MicroNourish System + Magazine

Topics covered will include: 

General Review - Vitamins, Minerals & Mood: Is Mainstream Medicine Finally Catching Up?

  • Recent clinical study on the role of broad-spectrum micronutrients and focus on how we can incorporate this into our health practices?
  • Results from recent studies on micronutrients and trauma and the implications of this from a practical perspective

The Brain-Gut Connection: How Can We Help Clients Make The Connection

  • It’s not only in your head, it’s in your gut too: Reviewing the new research on probiotics and the brain-gut connection and how you can help your clients make the connection.

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