Our Vision


Our vision.

To play a leading role in a mental wellness revolution where:

Gut health and nutrition are placed at the heart of all health programs,

Brain health is prioritized like heart health,

Mental health challenges carry no stigma, and

Sustainable solutions that tackle causes are prioritized over profitable quick-fixes that mask symptoms.


Our mission.

To blaze the trail that wakes the world to the connection between micronutrient absorption, gut balance and brain health by creating superior formulas that change lives and set a new standard for mental wellness.*

To be real, nourishing, passionate & optimistic along the way.

Our values and beliefs.

We will partner with the best.
We will build collaborative relationships with leaders in the scientific and medical community to share results, foster micronutrient research, develop nutritional protocols for brain health, and advance efficacy and testing processes to ensure maximum customer safety and support.

We will leverage neuro-science and nutritional science to provide premium products.
We work at the junction of many disciplines that make up the mental wellness community. We will challenge the divide between ‘pharmaceutical’ and ‘alternative’ options, instead leveraging the best research available to provide nutrient protocols that change lives.

We will help set a new standard for mental wellness.
We will lead by example, providing hope for people who have tried various routes to equilibrium. We believe that anxiety, stress, mood swings and energy imbalances,* have become so commonplace that people don’t even realize how much better they could feel. We support people in building solid foundations for larger, happier lives.

We believe mental clarity, and empowered choice, are human rights.
We believe everyone has the right to make educated, informed choices for their personal health and happiness and that of their families. We will support and share our own research, learning and education, being honest and transparent about the benefits and limitations of our products, to help individuals make conscious, empowered health choices that are right for them.

We prioritize quality, safety and bioavailability.
We only sell products that we take ourselves and give to our families. We insist on quality manufacturing practices, safe working environments and products, and a ‘no compromises’ approach to preparing products for maximum bioavailability and efficacy.

We commit to sustainable solutions over quick fixes.  
We focus on developing programs and products that support individuals in regaining and restoring equilibrium in a sustainable, life-long way. We make long-term decisions, which sometimes means sacrificing instant rewards and short-term profits, but as an independent company with a bold vision, we believe it’s the only way.

We listen to you. And learn from you.
We are always learning, improving and innovating based on an open, honest dialogue with our customers. We nurture long-term relationships, understanding that our customers are our best team-mates, the lifeblood of micronutrient breakthroughs and the reason that we do everything we do.

We keep to our word.
We believe honesty is the only policy.


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